Gas Prices Weigh Heavy On Some Business Owners

It's like the old-time torture, getting boiled in oil. Local drivers are boiling mad. lists the Marathon Station on Hamilton Avenue in Forest Park at 3.89 for a gallon of unleaded.

And most of us can car pool, or maybe take the bus. What about folks whose livelihood depends on gas?

If you think unleaded is high for the average budget, that cost is even higher for those businesses that need gasoline to stay open.

Virtually all of the equipment at Concrete Coring Company works on diesel fuel.

Owner Hal Edington says that's why the new, eye-popping price of diesel hurts his bottom line badly.

"Its just gotten stupid. That's what it is, just stupid," said Edington.

And Hal knows just how much his fuel costs have changed.

"We were paying about 2.50, 2.60 last summer, but I have a guy that came out of Maysville yesterday paid 3.96 a gallon for diesel fuel," he said.

So Hal's trying to keep from passing on the cost to his customers, but it's difficult.

On the west side of Cincinnati, much the same story.

Even with higher gas prices, Hilltop Taxi can't raise rates because what drivers charge gets regulated by the City of Cincinnati.

"Our cars cost about 30 cents a mile to run just for fuel so drivers are at a $1.60 a mile so the first thirty cents goes right to the gas tank. A year ago, maybe fifteen cents of that went to the gas tank," said Jay Austin with Hilltop.

Jay Austin says he doesn't know what he'll do if gas prices climb even closer to $4, something Edington is already planning for.

"It's just harder to make a dollar, harder to get things going and keep the guy's working. The fun's not there like it used to be," said Edington.

One thing Hal said is that when he switched his equipment over to diesel for years he saved money. Now, he says he's paying all that savings back in fuel costs. Sara Gouedy