Browns Fans Accused Of Attacking Bengals Fan In Cleveland

(CLEVELAND, OH) -- Fuzzy security pictures could help send a couple of Browns fans to prison. Police say a big brawl broke out after a 'woman' got punched in the face.

One day in September, crowds were leaving Browns Stadium after a big win over the Bengals.

Police say Tim and James O'Flanagan beat a man til he needed dozens of staples in his head and more.

Investigators say a brawl broke out after Tim O'Flanagan punched a womanwho was wearing a Bengals shirt in the face.

A witness spent hours answering questions about grainy security video and photos. Some key action took place just out of camera range.

Police say the victim saw the woman get punched, rushed over, then he got messed up. Defense attornies argue the victim was actually the aggressor.

The defense is grilling the key witness too, implying he had too much to drink to know what he saw.

This time it's not about game tape, but security tape.

The big question now is how will the jury see this? The trial is just starting. Whatever happened to going to a game just to cheer on your team?

Report: WOIO, Cleveland