Vehicle Repossessions On The Rise, Too

It's not just homes that are seeing an increase in repossession.

The repo man is working overtime as more and more drivers lose their wheels.

When we called a car recovery operation in Delhi to see if they've seen an increase in repossessions lately, the office manager, Ed Krebs, said, "Yes I have, 10 percent last year, 30 percent in the last decade."

If you take a look around at their lot you can see their business is booming mostly because the housing market is a bombing.

When it comes to calling about their repossessed cars, the reaction Ed gets from car owners is surprising.

"There are a lot of people that say they are relieved, that we came and picked up, it's no longer a burden, and they can do without financial responsibility," he said.

And some save Ed and his crew an extra step.

"A lot of voluntarys called to have us pick their car up, to woe the burden of financial responsibility," he said.

For now, Ed continues to keep up with more than ever in demand business, and waits for things to die down whenever the economy picks back up. Regina Russo