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Steven Ackermann, News Director
Steven Ackermann, News Director
PASS THE MAGNIFYING GLASS? If you were squinting a bit last week, don't make an appointment with the eye doctor-yet. I am  not exactly sure how I did it.  Somehow, I ended up with 8-point type instead of a MUCH more readable size.
I'll blame it on a computer gremlin and I'll thank one diligent reader for pointing it out before I even had a chance to review my own copy!
This week better?
COMINGS AND GOINGS-- Sharon wrote last week to ask about some of the people she sees handling the weather on FOX19. 
Well, I have another one for you Sharon:  Veteran local meteorologist Steve Horstmeyer will be joining us in August.  Over the weekend, we came to terms on a deal making Steve our Chief Meteorologist. 
So, why August?  One of the quirks in our business is something known as the "non-compete" clause.  Each company uses a slightly different version, but the general idea is the same:  If we work for one station in town, we agree to NOT work for a competing station for some period of time.  In Steve's case, that means he will start working in August. 
Steve started out teaching math before taking his first television job at WLWT.  After twelve years, he moved to WKRC-TV where he has been for nineteen years.  In addition to his television work, Steve is also an occasional adjunct professor in the Chemistry Department at The College of Mount Saint Joseph.  He has also taught at his alma mater--Miami University in Oxford--and at The University of Cincinnati.
SPORTS- My single sports gene kicks in this time every year.  I have thought for a long time that the NCAA created the basketball playoff system to torture News Directors and (now) corporate I-T departments. 
One of my jobs outside of FOX19 is to coordinate coverage for the 28 other television stations in our group. We have to send reporters to far-flung places on little or no notice (ever tried to buy an airplane ticket Sunday night for the following Wednesday?).  In the past few years, they claim to make an effort at keeping teams closer to home for the first round (Anaheim, California is close to Kentucky's hometown of Lexington?  And, Washington is just around the corner from Arizona's hometown of Tuscon?).
A couple of years ago, I saw a story about how all of the NCAA basketball brackets, pools and paraphanela clog the computer networks at offices around the country.  Now, you can also watch the games on your computer! If you are in the I-T department at your office, you can now share in my pain!
In a small quirk of scheduling, the Jesuits at Xavier must be pleased that the Musketeers play Thursday and (hopefully) Saturday giving everyone at the Catholic University no excuse for missing Good Friday or Easter Sunday obligations.  A quick check of the other brackets shows that wasn't any kind of intentional religious attention by the NCAA--Gonzaga and Georgetown both play Friday and (hopefully) Sunday.
Oh well.

Whether you are celebrating St. Patrick's Day, Purim or Easter this week, thanks for taking the time to read along and let me know what is on your mind by clicking here.

Until next week, Steve