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Wed Jun 12, 2002 08:31:18 AM

MODERATOR:If you are just joining us, welcome to the chat with Dennis Klei of Klei Mowers.  Feel free to ask any questions you may have about lawn care or lawn mowers.

EMeier:Hello...I was wondering how often I should sharpen the blade on my mower for best performance.

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Sharpening the blade of your mower should be done every 25 hours unles*****ting objects then as needed

Badger:how do you sharpen your blade?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Sharpening

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: the blade with a grinder or a file keeping approximately a 40 degree angle

dexter:Dennis I started my lawn mower this spring after it sat all winter. My wife said the reason I had trouble starting it was that it hasnt been serviced since I have owned it. Does this make a difference?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Yes the mower should be serviced yearly the best way to resolve the starting problem is to run it once a month in the offseason and use fuel stabilizers and leave tank full. Use fuel with as little alcohol as possible

Badger:When I mowed my lawn on Sunday and thegrass is still dry when I bag it.  But, today when I went to put**** ou***** had soaked through the bag.  Why is that?

EMeier:Thank you...looks like I better do it now then.

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: The moisture in the gr*** from the heat is bleeding through but you should never leave gr*** in a bag because it will heat and cause damage.

dave:when you go to start a lawn mower  can you prime the engine too much?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Yes you should only prime the engine 4-5 times

Seamore:Do you recommend a mulching mower or a bagging mower?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Personally mulching is good for late summer and fall. In the spring the gr*** is to thick and wet most of the time for mulching or bagging.

glitch:why are all the mower shops telling me it will be four to five weeks for service

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Mower shops are primarily recieving their business in a 3-4 month window. The recommendation is to get their mower in between Thanksgiving and Valentines day. When a problem comes up in the spring they will be taken care of as a priority.

flyboy:my mower has a small quarter size whole rusted into the top.  My wife says its dangerous and I should get a new mower.  Please tell her its fine for me to keep the mower.

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: If there is a hole in

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: If there is a hole in top of mower stop use. Consider the chance a rock could be thrown through and cause personal in

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Stop using mower if a hole is in mower could throw debris and cause injury. Stop by my location and I can show a good replacememnt model.

WeedEater:I change the oil in my mower once a season, is that enough or should it be done more often?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: If engine has filter every 50 hours if no filter every 25 use right grade oil.

vixen:we have a relatively new mulching mower, and my husband cleans it out underneath after each use, but there are still huge clumps of grass left on the lawn afterward.  What can we do to prevent this (without having to resort to raking)?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Cut more often try side discharging in spring mulch late summer and fall.

WeedEater:At the end of the season, how should a mower be winterized?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Use fuel stabilizer leave tank full run once a month lack of use biggest problem.

The Mrs.: Denis tell Jay I said hi

dexter:Dennis one more question at what hieght should my blades be set on

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: What type of gr*** do you have? Go to and look under lawn care tips.

WeedEater:should the air filter be cleaned after every mow?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: The air filter can be checked after every mowing cleaned more often when conditions are dry.

dexter:Dennis does burning a high octane gas help a mower run better?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Yes 89 or better octane is recommended especially for two cycle products.

flyboy:Thanks for the advice.  My wife enjoys being right.

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Bring in mower so I can inspect for proper diagnosis to verify.

Bart Simpson:My neighbor says mowing your lawn in different directions regularly helps in grow better.  Is that true?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Probably won't grow better bu**** will look better.

glitch:why should i not buy a new mower from kmart

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: In order to receive proper and good service you should buy from the place that will do service and supply the parts.

mike:i was thinking about switching to a mulching blade do i just switch the balde and what is the average price

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Depends on the mower and whether it is available and how much.

cookie:I tend to let my lawn grow for long periods of time between mowing.  The grasstends to stall my mower because of the length.  Does this hurt the mower?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Yes it does. It is like towing a trailer with a car your causing the engine to labor increasing the wear and tear.

glitch:last question, when getting parts why do i need all the numbers off the machine?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei:There are so many different models and makes parts are not interchangeable. It costs you time and money to guess.

cookie:I'm a single Mom, and would love to spend less time mowing.  Do you have any recommendations that would hlep me decrease my mowing time??

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Not really un

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Not really unless you hire a lawn service.

cookie:thanks for your advice!

jim:i have an older ridding mower thats engine is bad should i replace the engine of should i think about getting a new mower

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Depends on the mower an

MODERATOR:our speaker

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Depends on the mower and the condition cost of an

MODERATOR:our speaker's computer keyboard is acting up, that is why answers are breaking up into several lines

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Depends on the mower and the condition the cost of the engine could be equivalent of a new mower.


SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: No at this time there is not a product I am aware of at this time.

jim:what would you say is the best brand on ridding mover?\

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Cub Cadet tractors and Scag Zero turns.

sammy:If I cannot get my riding mower to your location do you make calls to individual homes for service and repair?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: We do no onsite service but we do have pickup and delivery call 513-385-8525 and ask for details.

Jimmy:I mowed over a snake this weekend (I think it was dead before I hit it) and what was left of it wrapped inside the blade.  I was able to pull it out, but do you think I should have my mower looked at for damage?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Probably did not damage it. But clean it good.

kmslawn:Dennis, at what point (hours) should I start thinking about replacing commercial mowing equip.?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: When equipment starts costing you money and causing down time.

MODERATOR:If we don't get to answer your question during our chat this morning, you can email your question to  Klei Mowers will answer your question by return email. You can also use the email form on this page to send your comments or feedback!

mitch:I purchased a mower at another store awhile back. Do you service mowers that aren't purchased in your store?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Yes if it is a brand we have sold.

mitch:What brands of mowers do you have in the store?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Main lines are Cub Cadet, Stihl, Scag, White, and Snapper.

bob:does klei mowers sell more than mowers something like trailers or ramps to get a mower in the back of a truck?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Yes we sell aluminum ramps no trailers.

bob:about that is the price for a aluminume ramp?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Starting approximately $175.00 and up.

bob:is it dangerous to drive a ridding mower up a ramp? should i let mt 17 year old son do it?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: I don't recommend it walk along side it, but use good judgement.

Tina:Hi Dennis.....i have these big hills of dirt in my lawn....think it may be do I get rid of those without killing my lawn...or at least killing the spot where the mound of dirt is?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: I'm probably not qualified to answer this. We sell and service lawn equipment. I would call Natorps.

MODERATOR:We have time for a few more questions

tim:do you guys service weedeaters?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: Only Stihl.

mitch:Are there any type of service plans that you offer, once someone buys a mower from you?

SPEAKER SPEAKER_dennis_klei: We tried that but usually the only reason these are sold are for profit and usually it costs you more than having regular service.

mitch:ahh. thanks for your honesty.

Tina:I joined forgive me if this has already been asked, but what is the cost of a tune mower sounds SICK!

MODERATOR:We apologize, our server was disrupted

MODERATOR:However, our time is running short

MODERATOR:Thank you for joining us today.  I am afraid that is all the time we have this morning.  If we did not get to answer your question during our chat this morning, you can email your question  Klei Mowers will answer your question by return email.  You can also log onto and click on Ask The Klei Mower Expert or call Klei Mowers at 513-385-8525 .