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How are your NCAA Tournament brackets?

When I woke up this morning and studied the action from the first day, I saw that 14 of 16 top seeds advanced, with only a little drama to speak of.  I had a hunch that Friday would raise everyone's blood pressure a little bit, and the 5-12 game between Drake and Western Kentucky got the hearts around the FOX 19 Sports Office going a little bit faster than normal.

Down 99-98 in overtime, with about 5 seconds left, the 'Toppers traveled the full length of the court and Ty Rogers (the pride of Eddyville, KY) hit a beyond-the-NBA-three-point-line bomb at the buzzer to advance.  One of my favorite parts of the Big Dance is watching the bedlam that erupts on the basketball court following an upset.  The red from the Hilltopper uniforms took over the floor during the post-game celebration.  They lived to play another day.

Of his heroics, Rogers said, "It kind of worked out good."

I suppose so.


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Selfless Stan

Is there anyone in college basketball who scores so little and has a bigger impact on the game than Stanley Burrell?

Burrell has put up more than a thousand points in his career at XU but has only made one shot from the field in his last three NCAA tournament games.

Talked to Joe Danneman who's in DC for us.  Burrell told him he doesn't care if he ever scores again as long as the Muskies keep winning.

Not a bad job at all by Burrell on Sundiata Gaines (13 pts).  That guy can play.

Up next for the A-10 defensive player of the year.... Purdue's leading scorer E'Twaun Moore.

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I thought they were done.

Towards the end of the first half Xavier had that same glazed look in their eyes that they had a few days ago against St Joe's.  They missed shots they usually make.  They watched UGA shoot 53 percent.

But bottom line... X came back and won.  It was against a 14 seed... a team that's been overachieving for a week... but they won.  And honestly I'd rather see the Muskies win a game like this in the first round than be able to coast.

Hard to imagine a 3 seed... a team that won 27 games might need a confidence builder... but the Muskies did.  They played their best basketball in February.  If they can play an entire game the way they played in the second half against Georgia... they might still be playing in April.

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It finally happened.

Those of us in the sports department at FOX 19 have been nudged into the world of blogging.  Didn't take much of a push, really.  Because the way we see it, it's really just allowing more of you to sit in on the random conversations we have everyday.

I guess a good place to start would be to explain who "we" are.  That I can tell you.  Whether we're interesting enough to be worthy of a few minutes of your time is entirely up to you.

The cast of characters is as follows...

Brian Giesenschlag - Sports Anchor.

More easily identified as the bald, 30-something, soon to be father of three.  Ask Zach Wells why I may never again walk without a limp.

Zach Wells - Sports Anchor.

The person who replaced BG as the new guy a little more than a year ago.  Easily has the most passion for the job.  Ask him if he loves it.  Yes, that's his real voice.

Ron "aka Rufus" Millennor - Executive Sports Producer.

"The Glue" that holds the entire operation together.  Lifelong Westsider.  Will someday have a table at Skyline Chili in Covington named in his honor.  Has never seen Star Wars.

Joe Danneman - Sports Reporter.

Somehow was able to remain unbiased, composed and totally professional in covering both of Ohio State's BCS title game losses.  But also wore a Troy Smith jersey to his own bachelor party.

Unfortunately for the Cov Cath teams of the late 90's, Joe was a late bloomer on the basketball court.

That's a start.

More engaging conversation to come.