Zumbiel Packing Building to be Imploded to Make Way for Xavier Expansion

(CINCINNATI) -- If everything goes as planned Saturday morning the old Zumbiel Packaging Plant on Cleneay Avenue will be turned into a pile of rubble which will be carried away to make room for future Xavier University Construction.

The six story plant will be imploded by CDI Inc. at 8:00 a-m.  Xavier University plans to construct a 20 acre extension of the University campus on the site which include a fitness club, health center, student housing and bookstore, restaurants, hotel and office space.

Several streets will be closed shortly before the demolition.  They include Cleneay at Montgomery, Lexington at Montgomery, Dana from Montgomery to Idlewild, side streets between Montgomery to Idlewild (Brooks, Clarion, Newton, Idlewild), and Herald Avenue at the Bellarmine Circle on Xavier's campus.

Rain will not cancel the implosion.  The implosion will be viewable from any number of distant vantage points but the blast areawill be cordoned off for safety reasons.

A secure area around the site will be closed at 7:00 a-m.  At 7:58 a-m there will be two long sirens to signal two minutes till the blast.  With one minute to go there will be a short audible blasts.  With fifteen seconds left there will be three, 2 second long sirens.

The explosives will be donated at 8:00 a-m.

It will take about 8 seconds for the supports to be destroyed and about 4 seconds for the building to fall.  The debris is expected to be about 30 feet tall.

Workers will signal all clear once the site is inspected and declared safe to enter.  Clean up will be immediately.

The site is being developed by Corporex.