Mom Accused Of Beating Son, Leaving Him Home Alone

Yolanda Adams / Courtesy Hamilton County Sheriff's Office
Yolanda Adams / Courtesy Hamilton County Sheriff's Office

(CINCINNATI) -- A Cincinnati mother was in court Tuesday afternoon, facing charges that she beat her son and left him home for weeks at at a time.

According to court documents, Vanessa Adams faces misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and child endangerment for punching her 12-year-old son numerous times, causing visible injuries. The child supposedly called 911, saying he was left alone.

Adams' neighbors reacted to the news on Tuesday.

"I see how she takes care of her child. He doesn't seem to be running around the streets, he's always clean, he's respectful, and I just don't believe it," said Vickie Bingham Johnson.

But another neighbor, speaking anonymously, said, "Most of the time I'd see him going to the store by himself, and you know he'd usually cross the street come past my house, go to the store, and come back and he'd be like running trying to get to the house."

Adams' bond was set Tuesday afternoon at $11,000. Sara Gouedy