Police Find Drugs Hidden In Toddler's Closet

Bryan Collins / Courtesy Butler County Sheriff's Office
Bryan Collins / Courtesy Butler County Sheriff's Office

(HAMILTON, OH) -- An investigation by the Butler County Sheriff's Drug and Vice Investigations Unit (DVIU) led to the arrest of a man who allegedly hid drugs in a child's closet.

During the search around 9 p.m. last night, police found a total of three pounds of marijuana, digital scales, ledgers documenting drug activity and $343 in cash.

Two pounds of marijuana were found in a 2-year-old's closet.

The residence is also located within 1,000 feet of St. Joseph's school, enhancing the degree of felony charge.

Bryan L. Collins, 27, is charged with trafficking in drugs, possession of drugs, permitting drug abuse, child endangering and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The child remained in custody of its mother on Monday night, but information is being supplied to Butler County Children's Services concerning the incident.