Officer Honored For Saving Teens From High Water

(CINCINNATI) -- The Hamilton County Board of Commissioners held a special ceremony on Wednesday to honor Deputy Greg Sersion.

Serison rescued two teenage girls from flood waters in Symmes Township last week.

The girls were part of a cross country team that were going for a run when they became trapped in a rain-swollen creek.

Deputy Serison was the first on the scene and jumped in the water to help the girls out.

"You never want to become a victim in a situation like this, but in this situation, what are you going to do, everyone's hollering, you have tunnel vision, all you want to to is rescue them and get them to safety and I just did what i had to do," said Serison.

The commissioners presented Serison with a certificate and also named in the second-ever recipient of the Hamilton County citizen's award.

"I really can't express how grateful I was and I wasn't really going to be good about contacting him and telling him, so it was great to see him here today and tell him how grateful I am," said Kelly Martin, one of the girls Serison rescued.

Martin says she'll run that course again, but not when it's raining.