UPDATE: Teens Arrested For In Holmes High School Attacks


Update: Covington police have arrested two juveniles and have warrants out for three others, suspected of attacking Holmes High School students on their way home from school.

They believe the teen suspects are Holmes students who were attacking other students.

"These young people are seeking an education we're trying to provide a safe venue for them to walk to and from school and its our responsibility as well as the responsibility of the students and themselves to ensure that occurs," said Spike Jones with Covington police.

The attacks occurred after students left the Holmes campus, most of them along Madison or other side streets near school.


Some local high school kids are getting jumped by a large group of teens on their way home from school.

A lot of students at Holmes High School, on Madison Ave. in Covington walk home from school.  Some cross the nearby railroad tracks to get home and it's somewhere between school and home that at least three students have been jumped and robbed.

On Tuesday afternoon, a Homes sophomore heading home cut across the tracks to get there, when his mom says as many as 30 kids attacked him.

"All of a sudden he got hit in the back of the head with a rock and that knocked him down he got in the fetal position because they started kicking him," said Debbie, who asked us to conceal her identity to protect her son.

She says he suffered a minor concussion, and had his iPod and cell phone were stolen by the mob.

"He was just walking home from school where he should be safe and not have to worry about all that happening," she said.

Police believe the group of attackers are Holmes students. Something similar happened to Justin O'Brien's brother.

"I think it's pretty ridiculous that you've got a good troup of kids that do go to Holmes there's a lot of good kids and its pretty sad they can't walk home from school," said O'Brien.

Covington police are going to put plain clothes officers in unmarked cars on different streets and intersections around the school to try and catch the attackers in action.

"If we have names and faces and locations we can put a stop to this and make the walk home safer for all of us," said Col. Spike Jones with the Covington Police Department.

And Holmes High School is working with police and students to do the same.

"We don't want things going on that put or students in jeopardy or that create mayhem in a neighborhood either," said Bill Weathers, spokesman for Covington Independent Schools.

But until the group is identified and the attackers are caught, Debbie's son won't be walking home alone.

FOX19.com: Corey McConnell