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My thoughts and prayers are with the Maupin Family. I have been following this story for 4 years and when I found out that the remains of Matt were found, I was beside myself. I was really hoping for a positive outcome. God bless Matt and the rest of the Maupin family.  -- Lauren Beaty

I would just like to say "Thanks" to the Maupins for raising such a fine outstanding young Christian man. Matt demonstrated the ultimate sacrifice for his country and all of us who live here. People need to stop protesting and start supporting our tropps each and everyday. It's soilders like Matt who teach us all how precious life is and how grateful we should all be for living here in the USA where we are free everyday to do as we chose. Matt knew all about the three things we try and teach our, hope, and love... but he knew the greatest was LOVE because that's what he showed us through his short life here on earth. However we know now that Matt has a special place with God and he is watching over his family and friends now everyday.

Let us learn from Matt that each day is a gift from God and we must use it wisely.
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Maupin for a job well done. You have MUCH to be PROUD of...

God Bless you Both!!! -- Kathi Boh

I am very sorry to hear about the death of your son, Matt. I have been holding onto the hope that he was still alive. The news also hit me hard. I know that Matt is looking over his family to make sure that everyone is healing and adjusting to the news of him as best as they can.

I don't understand why people have to be hateful. And think that killing someone is the right way to get back at someone. Just remember that God is watching over your family.

God Bless to you.
-- Tracey

Just sending my prayers to Matt Maupin and to his family. Now when his body is returned to the Tristate, may he rest in peace!!!! WE LOVE YOU MATT!!!

My heart goes out to the Maupin family during this difficult time.  I prayed they would find Matt alive.  Your sadness and loss is shared by Americans throughout this country. I wish you Peace in the coming days as Matt comes home one final time to rest.  God be with you.