Evansville Boy Dies, Parents Charged With Abuse

(EVANSVILLE, IN) -- A 3-year-old Evansville child has died, and doctors say his brothers and sisters show signs of abuse and neglect.

The parents, 33-year-old Amanda Brooks Lay and 40-year-old Terry Lay, are charged with child neglect. Amanda is also charged with battery. Both are in the Vanderburgh county jail.

The Lays' son, 3-year-old Kalab, was pronounced brain dead Tuesday afternoon from what authorities say were injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

There was more apparent abuse to four other children.

Sergeant Doug Daza with the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office says, "Shock, ah disgust."

Deputies were answering a call about an unresponsive 3-year-old child who wasn't breathing.

Sgt. Daza says, "When I arrived at the trailer the medical personnel were still working on the child so I stayed out of the way until the child was transported."

That child, three-year-old Kalab Lay was taken to St. Mary's hospital, pronounced brain dead and put on life support.

Kalab's four other siblings, who also lived in the trailer, all appeared to have been abused, including Kaleb's twin sister.

Sgt. Daza says, "The emergency room doctor that examined one of the children described it as a savage beating."

Investigators say Kalab's twin was covered in bruises and had burn marks on her eyes.

The child told detectives she got them from her mother after her mother poured liquid soap in her eyes for wetting the bed.

A friend of the father, Bruce Henry, reacted to the situation, "He loves his children, every single one of them. He doesn't need to be treated that way or portrayed that way. I hope by talking he won't be."

Terry Lay's twin brother, Jay, says his brother was a good person who would never harm his kids, "I'm sure that he didn't even know that was going on. My brother wouldn't let that go on. He's a good person. Like I said he doesn't hit his kids, he's not that type of person."

Both Terry and his wife, Amanda have previous criminal records for cases involving neglect and drug offenses.

Meanwhile, Kalab's grandmother says that after donating his organs, he was taken off life support. His parents could face additional charges in this case.

Lay is being held on $50,000 bond. Brooks is being held on $100,000 bond.

Report: WFIE, Evansville