Louisville Police Investigate Death Of 93-Year-Old Woman Found In River

Emma Collins
Emma Collins
Emma's burned car
Emma's burned car

(LOUISVILLE, KY) -- The family of a 93 year old woman found in the Ohio River overnight has some serious questions. They think she was killed, but police aren't so sure.

Arson investigators say they may know what caused part of this mystery. Emma Collins' severely burned car found early Sunday. Arson investigators now think she got a flat tire which caused a fluid leak and sparked a fire.

Police meantime are trying make sense of all of the evidence as they try to piece together what happened to the 93 year old. They agree with her family that this case is odd.

"Nobody came in the house or the garage, so we don't know. It is strange," says Jim McEntire, Collins grandson.

McEntire says what he does know is that his 93 year old grandmother may have been showing the signs of her age. But he doesn't think she would not have gotten confused enough to end up where she did. Police found her overnight, down an embankment, drowned in the Ohio River.

"At this point, everything does keep pointing back to what you said, a possibility of her being confused on possibly where she was," says Lt. Barry Wilkerson, commander of the Louisville Metro Police homicide unit.

Police found Collins' car hours before she was even reported missing. The car was severely burned.

"We like to always keep an open mind. We don't try to just fit our theories to the evidence we have. We always try to fit the evidence to what actually occurred," Wilkerson said.

But Collins' family members think they have a pretty good idea of what happened.

"Somebody got in her car with her. That's the only thing I can think of to find her car burned up like that, somebody forced their way into there and took her," says McEntire.
They say normally she didn't drive at night, but would have almost had to in this case. Her daughter last talked to her at 7 p.m. Saturday. The still smoldering car was found 5 a.m. Sunday

"She wouldn't have gone out that late at night," says McEntire.

Investigators found Collins' personal property near where her car was found and say nothing was taken. The industrial complex where the car was has video surveillance. Police are looking at those tapes to try to piece together what happened.

Report: WAVE3, Louisville