Suspected bank robber arrested after he leaves social security number with teller

Allen Wiley III / Courtesy Louisville Police
Allen Wiley III / Courtesy Louisville Police

(LOUISVILLE, KY) -- A Louisville man is behind bars and police say he is responsible for three burglaries in the last five days.

Metro Robbery detectives say this case was unique. Wednesday afternoon, Metro Police arrested 23-year-old Allen Wiley III. Investigators say Wiley is responsible for robbing the Speedway on Westport Road Tuesday. Police also believe Wiley hit the River City Bank on Bardstown Road earlier in the day.

According to police, tracking Wiley down wasn't difficult after Wiley allegedly held up the U.S. Bank on Lexington Road Saturday. That's where police say he made a stupid mistake. In the police report, officers noted that Wiley told the teller he needed to make a withdrawal and gave the teller his actual social security number.

The report goes on to say he then told the same teller, "Give me the money or I will kill you." Police say that information, along with surveillance video, was all they needed.

"The Fifth Division officers are very familiar with him," said Sgt. Brian Nunn with LMPD's Robbery Unit. "They had been out beating the pavement for us and stirred him up. Based on that, we had a pretty good identity on him. Within the last day or so we had been actively looking for him and unfortunately before we could catch up to him, he did two other robberies."

Allen Wiley is currently being held in Metro Corrections charged with three counts of first degree robbery.

The LMPD Robbery Unit's website says there have been 32 robberies so far this year, and only 14 are unsolved.

Report: WAVE3, Louisville