Local Mom Gives Birth In Parking Lot

(CINCINNATI) -- A baby who just couldn't wait to come into the world surprised his mother in the parking lot of Christ Hospital.

Connie Toler had been home from the doctor for a couple of hours after being told she wouldn't deliver for about a week.

But, baby Carson had other plans.

After a quick call to her husband, and piling her other three sons in the car, the family headed for Christ Hospital.

"Did I scare you when I was screaming?" Connie asked her sons.

"Yeah," they replied.

Connie says she was still a little shocked by the sudden arrival of labor pains.

"I couldn't believe it myself. I said, 'I'm not really in labor am I?' No one believed me really. My husband is like, 'Ah it'll take forever like it always does.' So he was in no hurry. Not like I was," said Connie.

It turns out Carson was in a hurry.

He was born in the car with his three other brothers watching while Connie's husband, Dale, ran inside the hospital for help.

Mother and baby are doing fine.

The family said they had the name narrowed down, but the boys decided to name the baby Carson, because he was a son born in a car.