Woman Dies Saving Great-Granddaughter From House Fire

Funeral services were held Thursday for 67-year-old Margaret Pearson. She died while saving her eight-month-old great granddaughter in a house fire last weekend.

And there's encouraging news about the infant's condition. That baby, eight-month-old Marisha McGuire remains in a Lexington Hospital but she is improving and is expected to be home in a few days.

Marisha is alive because of the heroic effort by her great grandmother, who gave her own life to save her.

Margaret's daughter, Elisa Roberson says, "By the time the firemen got here, the whole house was engulfed."

Roberson recounts what happened Sunday when fire broke out in her mother's Lieber Street home while babysitting her eight-month-old great grand daughter.

Roberson says, "She made it to the back door, she had her wrapped in a towel, cocooned her, wrapped her body around her. She made it to the back door and she couldn't make it any farther."

Sixty-seven-year-old Margaret Pearson died but was able to use her body to protect and save the life of her eight-month-old great grand daughter, Marshia.

Roberson says, "This is the kind of family we are. We go the end of the earth for each other and never think twice about it."

Many family members gathered together Thursday just two doors down from where the fire occurred.

Earlier Thursday they buried Margaret at Roselawn Cemetery.

Ricky Roberson, Margaret's son, says, "We haven't even been able to think about the loss of our mom. It's just all the other chaotic stuff you've got to deal with. My head's just gone."

While the family grieved, a family friend brought over a plaque with a medal and a passage from the bible, titled a salute to a great hero.

Michael Roberson, Margaret's son, says, "Everybody knew. Everybody that knew her would be proud of her. Well if she wasn't a hero before she is now. She's always been a hero to me."

Marisha is expected to be home from the hospital in a few days. The family has set up a fund to help pay for expenses for her and her great grandmother at Ohio Valley Bank in Henderson.

Report: WFIE, Evansville