FAQ's of Klei Mower

  • How do I take care of my equipment thru the winter?
  • How often should I service my mower?
  • Do you work on any mower?
  • Who works on mass merchant brand equipment like Sears, Murray, M.T.D, Scott's, etc?
  • What mower best fits my yard?
  • How long will my mower last?
  • Why by a mower from Klei Mower vs the Box Store?

Do you have a question similar to the above that you need answering?  Want to know the anser to one of these questions?  Klei Mower can answer all of your lawn care or mowing questions, right from their desks!

Use the E-mail form on this page, and Klei Mower will get back to you while you are in your office, on-the-go, at soccer practice, cooking dinner or whatever!