Local Golfer Takes a Run At The Green Jacket

Friends of Steve Flesch watch him on TV during the final round of the Masters in Augusta, Georgia.
Friends of Steve Flesch watch him on TV during the final round of the Masters in Augusta, Georgia.
Courtesy CBS
Courtesy CBS

(UNION, KY) -- A local golfer gave Tiger Woods a run for his money in Sunday's final round of the Masters.

Northern Kentucky's very own Steve Flesch finished at two under par, tied for fifth place.

But when Flesch isn't out on tour, he's likely playing some rounds at Triple Crown Country Club, and that's where some of his friends spent the afternoon, hoping their friend came away with the famed green jacket.

The galley for Flesch extended hundreds of miles past Augusta, Georgia, all the way to the Mens Grille at the Triple Crown Country Club.

That's where Flesch's friends, neighbors and golf buddies gathered around a flat screen TV, having a beer, while cheering him on.

"Just wish we were one of his best friends down there. He took 5 or 6 of our friends down there to the house and had a blast. We get text messages from him all week but we're stuck here in the Mens' Grille watching him on TV," said Bob McNichol, one of Flesch's golf buddies.

"He doesn't play quite as much when he gets back home. I guess he plays so much on tour he doesn't play as much, but used to play quite a bit, used to play in the Pro-Am with him before," added Sy Mandle, another friend.

While Flesch's name has been on the leader boards, it's also been on the record books at Triple Crown Country Club, where he's a member. Even one of his trophies from the tour is on display at the club.

"He has shot a 63 here before which was a club record for awhile. We had someone break it last year, but he is very tough," said Tom Pratt, who works at the club.

So tough that even Flesch's golf buddies say the only way they can compete with him is with a handicap.

"He's just a super player, great ball striker, just nice to see him out here competing with the best in the world," say his friends.

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