Ohio Husband Cages, Shoots at Bride After Las Vegas Wedding

(CANTON, OH) -- A newlywed got more than she vowed when she said for better or for worse last week in Vegas.

26-year-old Mary Swihart was apparently caged and shot at by her husband, 28-year-old Matthew George, Saturday afternoon just days after their return from their Las Vegas wedding.

George now faces charges of abduction and assault for handcuffing Swihart and stuffing her into a dog cage Saturday and reportedly firing gunshots at her with a 9mm handgun inside the home.

Mary Swihart was not physically injured during the incident.

Police arrived on scene after Swihart made several calls to her father who finally alerted police.

Authorities went to the couple's home Saturday located at 1205 19th Street NW and kicked in the front door, just missing husband Matthew George as he trotted out the back entrance.

Summit County Sheriff's Department caught up with George just after midnight.

Matthew George is currently in Akron City Hospital after authorities found him pulled over on the side of the road from overdosing on medication.

Report: WOIO, Cleveland