Residents Win Battle To Keep Community Pool Open

Burwood Pool
Burwood Pool

(NORWOOD, OH) -- A group of Norwood residents came together for a fight to keep one of their community pools open, and something surprising happened.

The Norwood Recreation Comission planned on closing the Burwood Park pool because of sagging attendance, but changed it's mind after citizens in South norwood signed a petition about keeping the pool open.

Robin Mace says her kids are among dozens who play at Burwood Park. And in the summer, they use the park's pool.

"The moms all provide snacks and crafts and we look out for each other here. We look out for each other's children," said Mace.

That's precisely what she says the Norwood Recreation Commission is not doing when it was planning to keep the Burwood Pool permanently closed starting this summer.

"We know they can afford to maintain and run Burwood this summer and we fully expect them to do that," said Mace.

Robin and about 700 others felt so bothered by the closing, they signed a petition about it.

The group presented their feelings to the commission's board at it's April meeting.

"The number one thing that they looked at was the number of people attending the pool and how much it's being used by the community," said board executive Jennifer Wallace

Of the three city pools, Wallace says Burwood had the lowest attendance last year.

"It has a daily average of 18," she said.

"Norwood recreation officials say by closing the Burwood pool, they'll have more money to improve the Waterworks pool. It's the largest one in the city.

"Waterworks pool, no matter how large it is, it's too deep, the water is too deep for our children to swim in, and they get lost in the mix of adults and high school aged children," said Mace.

Mace also says the city's attendance numbers for Burwood pool are off, and that more people would miss the Burwood pool than recreation officials realize. Sara Gouedy