Adopt A School Program Helps Cincinnati Students Now and in the Future

More than a hundred companies across the Tri-state are lending their employees to a good cause as part of the 'Adopt a School' program.

Companies mentor students on their professions and about life.

FOX19's Regina Russo takes a look at how one local company is transforming lives.

Employees of D.A.G. Construction are showing off their proud work of the nearly finished new Fairview Elementary.

The captive audience are 7th and 8th grade students of Winton Hills Academy, the Cincinnati Public School class that D.A.G. employees adopted.

"We want to show what construction is, not just hammering and nailing..but what you can build and what you build is there for a lifetime it's work you can see," says Lindsay Whalem D.A.G. Marketing Director.

For three years, D.A.G. Construction has mentored students at Winton Hills Academy.

"Giving them letters sending supplies, kids get excited, that someone is interested on the outside."

"Seeing where they work, they've all been talking about their careers, based on a lot of thing D.A.G. has talked about ."

Mikael is one of those inspired students who wants to be an engineer.

"I thought they just talk to us not take us and show us how to be a man and stuff."

And that's what employees of D.A.G. come to understand about their role as mentors.

They learn that adopting a class is more than just Christmas parties, and field trips, like any good construction project, it's setting a strong foundation that these boys and girls and can build on.

"Academically, emotionally, socially, lifewise, makes everything."

Regina Russo FOX19 News.