Your Stories On The Earthquake

The best way to report the 2008 earthquake is through you, our viewers.

So we've posted the stories you've sent us on where you were and what you were doing when the earthquake hit.

To submit your story, e-mail us. Or, just enjoy reading the reaction of your fellow Tri-Staters, many of whom had interesting starts to their day on Friday, April 18, 2008.

We will post as many stories as we can.

I live in Alexandria and I thought someone was under my bed when it started shaking.  I though someone was going to come up from under it.  I yelled for my husband and then ran in the living room.  He was just about to leave for work and said I think we just had an earthquake.  We turned on the news and a few minutes later you said it was an earthquake.  It freaked me out!!! -- Cathy, Alexandria

I live in Florence, KY and my one year old got up early by 4 a.m. My wife was engaging her while I started my workday and saw my laptop screen and my arms rested on the dining table vibrate, I was telling my wife some thing is shaking and she did not realize until we actually saw the news just now after a short nap at 7 a.m. through now. Wow my first experiance where I actually felt an earth quake. -- Chandra, Florence 

The earthquake woke me up when my bed, which is on a rolling frame, started moving back and forth.  I heard what sounded like a whining coming from my house and I could hear my jewelry box shaking.  I live by the Railroad tracks in Visalia, KY and thought it was the train but realized it wasn't when I didn't hear one.  That is the first time that I felt one and pray it will be the last! -- Nikki, Edgewood

I work 3rd shift from home, so I was awake just now when I felt my house start shaking.  It was enough to knock a picture off the wall, and really freak me out! -- Amber, Crittenden

I felt the earthquake here in North College Hill. It shook my whole house to where I though it make going to fall. -- Codee, North College Hill

I live in West Chester, Ohio and felt a buzzing felling when I was laying in bed around 5:30 a.m. Friday. Now I know what it was.  Thought I was going crazy for a minute. -- Stacey, West Chester

My 7 year old daughter woke me up immediately  saying her room was shaking.  I thought it really was strange how strong the wind was because our windows were open.  Definitely shook the whole house-sounded like things were really moving around and clanking. -- Cindy, Wyoming

We felt it here in Harrison, Ohio. We are in the Emergency Room at Mercy Harrison, the building felt like it was swaying and I heard the roof creeking. It happened twice, about a minute apart. I thought I was crazy until you said something on the air. -- Shawna, Harrison

Hi, I live in Burlington, KY and at about 5:38 am, I had the shaking here at my house.  It almost knocked over my small vase on my dresser.  -- Angi, Burlington

I'm a student at Miami University in Oxford, OH and I was getting ready for student teaching when I felt a weird force kinda sit me down on my bed.  Everything started shaking and rattling pretty loudly for probably 30 seconds and then it stopped.  I thought I was going crazy til I heard you say on the news you felt it too! -- Laura, Oxford

It's 5:40 AM...I couldn't sleep, so I got up and came out to the living room and sat down at the computer. About 5 minutes ago, I heard my pet bird going crazy in his cage, screaming and flapping, then seconds later the whole house shook, the ceiling fan was shaking, the computer wobbled and I could feel it shaking. -- Becky

I live in Mason Ohio and was woken up at 5:30 by what seemed to be an earthquake. It lasted for about 20 to 30 seconds and shook my house. -- Danielle, Mason

Definitely felt that earthquake over here in Hamilton, the chandelier was swaying and dishes rattling. -- Sam, Hamilton

This is about my fifth such experience, but first in this weird old house. We have radiator heat, so the quake brought us the added "surround sound experience" of swishing water as the house shook.  We will have no problems getting out of bed for the day. -- Vince, Cincinnati

I had just got done feeding my daughter at 5:30 when I heard my step son's door start to rattle. I saw a plant moving back and forth and heard things moving downstairs. As soon as it was over I turned on your news channel to see if it was an earthquake. I live in Covington not far off of route 17. I'm glad I'm not going crazy about the earthquake, but I've lived hear for 28 years and have never felt that before. -- Amanda, Covington

Our house shook hard in Lawrenceburg.  After about 10 seconds, it faded away. -- Jason, Lawrenceburg

Yes, we were woke up by it. Really the bird felt it first and started to go crazy. But my boys (4 & 5) slept right thru it. -- DJ, Union

House was shaking, glasses were rattling, almost rolled off couch. -- John, Ludlow

Saw your quick segment about the "weird movements." I'm out here in Sharonville and my whole apartment was shaking.  It woke me up and happened for at least 20 seconds! -- Jamie, Sharonville

We felt it in Cleves, OH.  My husband asked me to quit doing whatever it was I was doing.  I was laying in bed watching the news.  It was very strange. -- Robyn, Cleves

Yes, I felt the whole house shake. I have lived here since 1971 and this is the 3rd one I have experienced.   -- Sharon, Deerfield Township

We felt the tremors in East Walnut Hills this morning. My best friend, who lives  in Terre Haute, Indiana, just texted me to say that they felt it over there, too. Apparently it was quite a bit stronger over there - woke her family up. This would be the second earthquake that has been felt in Terre Haute in the past 5 years.  -- Sara, East Walnut Hills

My son lives in Price Hill, on block away from me and he called to ask me if I felt that.  I asked him what?  He said that his house was shaking and trembling.  His 9yr old daughter was waken by the trembles and ran into his and moms bedroom screaming that something was in the attic.  I did not feel anything.  My daughter lives in College Hill and she felt it also. How weird is that? -- Arnetta

When I got up this morning I thought I had dreamed there was an earthquake.  My whole bedroom was rattling!  The bed was shaking and everything on the dresser was just vibrating for about 30 seconds!  Then I found out if wasn't a dream!  -- Tanya, Anderson Township

I live in Sayler Park less than 1/4 of a mile from the rail tracks. It's not uncommon for our 115 year old house to shake at 4:00am when the trains go by.  This morning I was awakened at 5:38am and quickly came to the realization that this is not a train but indeed an earthquake.  My four-poster bed literally was jumping off the floor and moving across my bed room. The metal handles on the dresser were slamming against the dresser and the entire house was shaking;inches. This continued for 2 minutes. The house jolted and shaked, off and on for another minute. -- The Schratts, Sayler Park

I live in Southern Campbell County. I woke up at 5:30am and was getting ready to lay back down for a few minutes.  About that time is when my bed started vibrating.  I did not feel much more than that.  I did not have a clue what was going on until I turned on the news that morning.  It was defiantly a crazy experience.  I hope we don't have any more soon. -- Amber, Alexandria

I got woke up @ 530am this morning because of the earthquake. When the shaking started it must have knocked something down in my area because I heard a really sound & jumped up out of my bed expecting to hear my 3 dogs barking but to my surprise they weren't & then I had to go through my entire house to check it out & make sure everything & everyone were ok.......WOW what a surprise in Ohio. -- Misti, Delhi

 My husband and I experienced the earthquake this morning at 5:40am at our home in Amelia, Ohio (Batavia Township).  I was just speaking with him about 5 minutes ago (around 11:22am), and he said, "Oh my gosh.  My desk is shaking again."  I thought he was joking around, but then he said the blinds were rattling, the lamp shades and the monitor to his laptop were shaking, and the metal drawer pulls on our dresser were clinking.  AGAIN!  Must have been an aftershock.  -- Cristin, Amelia

Around 5:30 or 5:45 a.m. I heard  loud noises and what sounded like some one trying to get in the back door. I thought it was Adam, my son, late for work and running and maybe fell down or something. He woke up and ask why everybody was running in the house. I told him it must have just been the dog playing or somthing because I went out and looked and no one was outside.  He called me from work (Owenton) and told me about the earthquake. He said Jack, a man he works with had dry wall crack in their house. My husband called from work in Independence and ask if we heard it.  One thing we all have learned from the quake. We have always told our daughter, Lacy, that she would sleep through an earthquake. Now we know. (She is still asleep at 11 in the afternoon). I hope no one was hurt. -- Sharon, Owenton

I happened to be on the computer downloading pictures of a little boy in China that will soon be my internet acquaintance is in his city getting her daughter and so she met my son and sent me dozens of pictures....If not an earthquake, then I'll just take that shaking and rattling as a sign from God that this was a moment I was to remember for the rest of my life!!  (The blessed pictures alone had already ingrained today in my heart) -- Doreen, Alexandria

I'm was sitting in bed doing schoolwork talking to my boyfriend who is at work in the Fairfield area on break in the car.  My bed shook horribly.  I looked around and my 4ft tall mother-in-laws tongue plant was shaking back and forth, the beads on my tin basket were shaking for at least 1min after the tremor. -- Ronnda, College Hill

I felt it here in Liberty Indiana. I'm a Southern California Native and it reminded me of home! :) -- Kay, Liberty

We felt the quake while in bed, it felt like our house was swaying and knocked over a picture on our dresser.  It was a very scary feeling,  We live in Alexandria. -- Sarah, Alexandria

I live in the west side of Hamilton, and I felt the shaking real strong for about 5 seconds.   My shelf actually fell off the wall!!! --  Emma, Hamilton

My whole bed shook, my light fixtures swayed, glasses rattled on the shelves and the condo building I live in creaked (almost like an old building does when it settles).  This all occurred around 5:39 A.M. -- Denise, Florence

It was really weird this morning I was sleeping on the couch, because my husband is sick and I didn't want to sleep in the bed, and I woke up feeling like I was being shook.  I heard the plates on the wall shaking so I stood up and the house was shaking, so I huried up and turned on Fox 19 to see if I was crazy and sure enough you felt it to.  Just wanted to let you know out in in the hills of Brown County Ohio(sardinia) we felt it also.  I also called my mom at work in Beechmont and she said to tell you that she felt it also. -- Jennifer, Sardinia

I was sitting on my couch watching the news like I do every morning at 5:40 or so this morning and my whole house started to shake. The doors were ratteling on the hinges.I've never experienced anything like this before in my life!!! It scared me to death. I live in Cold Spring, KY right across from the Campbell County Library and I never thought anything like that would happen here. -- Tabatha, Cold Spring

I live in Florence and I felt the tremor/earthquake!!!  I was asleep, and woke to a rumble like something...  The ironing board on the back of the bedroom door was shaking and making a squeaky noise.  The shaking lasted long enough for me to wake up, think to myself "what the heck is going on", and get up to look outside to see if it was the wind or something.  Then it quit. First thing I did after that was come out here and tuned in to you guys!!!  Sheila was saying something about the lights in the studio going back and forth, so I knew I wasn't dreaming it!!!  THANKS FOR REPORTING IT SO QUICKLY!!!! -- Meagan, Florence

Just to let you know that I felt the earthquake in Ryland Heights (Kenton County) at 5:50 a.m.  It woke me from a sound sleep because the headboard was shaking.  -- Roxiena, Ryland Heights

I live in Green Township near 74 and Rybolt and was awoke from a dead sleep.  It was also LOUD.  I thought it was strong winds or a tornado and looked outside and everything was still.  It was a very eerie feeling.  The building shook so strongly that afterward I could still hear movement on the roof.   I knew it had to be a tremor like one we had (I believe) almost 20 years ago.  -- Candi, Green Township

I live downtown and my bed was shaking so much that it woke me from a dead sleep!  It was like I was in a row boat in rough water.  The bed actually moved from its original position! -- Erin, Cincinnati

I live to the east in Amelia, OH and I just emailed to say that I was in the kitchen and felt my whole apartment complex shake. At first I thought the wind was blowing real hard until I looked outside and didn't see the trees move!! -- Nichole, Amelia

I thought I was going crazy or having a dream. The sound of things shaking woke me up. I think the lampshade and the pictures on the walls and nicknacks on my dresser were the things making noise. I actually thought that maybe my dogs were causing the noise because they were walking around, one was pacing,  but I felt it, too. It scared me and I listened for sirens or noise outside. I wondered what an earthquake sounded like, if it sounded like what I heard and if it felt like the things I was feeling. I laid still. It went on for what felt like a long time and then, it stopped. I looked out the window, Eastgate Mall was still intact, traffic went by, nothing out of the ordinary. -- Chris, Eastgate

I have a 158 year old home in Warsaw, Ky.  I was awaken by the house shaking and the ceiling fan that was on making loud noises because it was still trying to turn as it was shaking.  I immediately called my daughters in Owen County who live right across the Gallatin County/Owen County border.  Their home is newer and apparently they felt it even more than I did. -- Jamie, Walton

We were awakened at 5:39AM by a low rumbling and the house was swaying. We re-located to Northern Kentucky from the Phx Arizona area last year and we have never experienced anything like this. The mirrors 6' x 4' at the head of our bed were ratteling and it was a little scary. -- Eddie and Charlotte, Warsaw

I wanted to let you know I felt the shaking in Lebanon, Ohio. I was in my garage and the garage door was moving and the track for the garage was shaking, then things were moving in  my attic. I thought something was in the attic and I woke my husband up and by the time he came out it had stopped. I did not know what happened until I came back in the house and saw you were reporting the quake on the news. Thanks for the up to date info! -- Erin, Lebanon

I was awaken out of my sleep at around 5:40 am...I felt my bed shaking and heard my jewelry box and a candle on my dresser rattling. I thought my apartment floor was falling in. Was this really an earthquake. weird to happen in Cincinnati. -- Amy, West Price Hill

It just felt like my washing machine was on the spin cycle.  Didn't knock anything off the walls but you could here things rattling. -- Becky, Adams County

Wow that was crazy. The shaking started at 5:38 a.m. and I called my husband at 5:38 a.m. accordingly to my cell phone log and asked him if it was really windy because papers fell off my desk in my bedroom as I was working and then the deck went crazy and I told him it was like and earthquake and he told me "you are crazy" so of course I freaked out.  But then I turned on the news and there it was. I live in Harrison, OH and I most certainly felt it pretty good and it scared me especially when my husband thought I was nuts.   -- Alecia,  Harrison

I was laying in bed and the bed started to motion back and forth and I thought it was the dog laying at the bottom of the bed on the floor having one of his nightmares and pushing against the bed.  This was at 5:39am.  I got up to get the dog up and he was out in the living room, nowhere near the bedroom!  Talk about weird, not thinking it was actually a tremor!! 
-- Cathleen, Mason

As you were trying to figure out what you just felt this morning, I knew it was an earthquake and got up right away to turn on the news.  The handles on the furniture were rattling and it was the telltale feel of the 'soft roll'.  It brought me out of a sleep but I know the feeling well. I am wondering if we'll feel the aftershocks thruout the day or if we are just too far away from the epicenter? I know that you will bring us news as it develops. I am from the Bay Area and  have been thru this many times including the Big One  in San Francisco in 1989. I've always said that I would much rather be in an earthquake than a tornado anyday; this however brought back the uneasiness felt when one occurs. Ironically this is the day in San Francisco where we remember the earthquake that occured  the morning of April 18th 1906. Guess it was earth's gentle little reminder. -- Sharon

We live in Adams County about 11 miles southeast of west union on Ohio Brush Creek.  The shaking woke my husband and I up as well as made our dogs go crazy.  Our home shook pretty hard for about 10 seconds and it sounded as though there was strong wind or something.  There was a fairly loud rumble during the shaking. -- Danielle, Adams County

Yes we felt it down here in Union, Ky. We're from So. Cal. and compared to Cali. Quakes....the earth just sneezed. -- Jim and Judy, Union

I almost had a heart attack. I'm from Brazil and i never felt that in my life. I'm 21 years old.
First I imagined someone was trying to bread in. Well I was sleeping and I woke up with the huge noise of things shaking, all the furniture jumping and I had no reaction. I ran to the door. That was so funny. Never wanna go through this again. -- Eric and Hevylla, Middletown

We felt it too.  We live in Indian Hill towards Camp Dennison.  I was sitting in bed when I felt the house start to shake, I wasn't quite sure what it was at first, I thought I might be having some sort of epileptic attack, well we all know that I wasn't. It was a little scary at first, but it is a little exciting to have felt it. -- Jennifer, Indian Hill

Wow what a way to wake up. We live in Hamersville which is between Bethel and Georgetown and it felt like we were a childs toy for a while like someone had taken our house and shaken it like a child would a toy! Pictures were shaking along with doors and furniture handels and if that was only 10 seconds it was the longest of my life. -- Lorraine, Hamersville

Our dogs woke us up about 4 minutes before the shaking started.  I though it was one of them under the bed scratching! -- Kyle, Mason

I felt my couch "vibrating" and said it feels like a very mild earthquake. 10 seconds sure feels long when something weird is going on. However, my roommate was standing six feet away and couldn't feel it, so I 2nd guessed myself and thought well maybe it wasn't an earthquake and that something was wrong with my body.  The only difference was that I was on the couch and she was standing. We are in a half underground apartment on the Mt. Airy/Groesbeck line. -- Joy, Mt. Airy

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, when I noticed the clothes hanging on the door shaking, and the door itself swaying. I also felt the building trembling a little, which never happens because I live in a basement apartment with concrete floors so nothing moves ever. I thought to myself, what is this, an earthquake? Imagine my surprise when I found out that was the case! -- Shellie, Harrison

OK, so I was woken abruptly by my bed shaking at 5:39 am on my alarm clock here in Milan, IN.   I couldn't believe it when you were reporting on the morning news about an earthquake!  At that point and time, I probably had already forgotten that something woke me up just an hour prior. I have a dog that sometimes has seizures in the wee hours of the night.  When I felt my bed shaking, I sat up immediately to look at her thinking that she was having a seizure and instead, she was already awake and looking around, so it definately wasn't the dog that was shaking my bed!! I must have missed the majority of it before it woke me up, but felt it for just a few seconds after I was awake.  I then thought that maybe the dog was scratching and was bumping the bed, but never did I think of an earthquake! This was my first time to ever feel one, that's for sure!  I'm 38 and I have lived here in Milan since 1991.  Prior to that I lived in Pittsburgh, PA my whole life.  Definately weird and I'm glad I don't live in California! -- Connie, Milan

I was at work around 5:35am at DHL at CVG and our employees stated their computer monitors were shaking on their desks. We thought it was just the airplanes!! -- David, Crescent Springs

I woke up this morning right after my husband left for work, around 6:35. First, I must tell you that I could be diagnosed as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I do not like things out of place and I am constantly checking to make sure everything is right.   This morning I noticed that the picture frames that are hung in my home were all crooked. I called my husband to ask him if he moved them all to make me cazy. That's when I heard about the earthquake. I couldn't believe it. Mother Nature saved my husband's butt. :-) -- Sarah

I was in the middle of a deep sleep when that bed started shaking.  I siad "What the heck", and jumped out of bed.  By that time it had stopped.  I really thought I was having a terrible dream about the devil being under my bed and making it shake.  I was very relieved to find out that I wasn't in the middle of an exorcist dream, that it actually was an earthquake. -- Steffanie, Delhi

My husband had just left the driveway for work and the kids were still asleep, and I felt the bed shake and the house creak like a big wind gust.  We moved here 3 years ago from Sonoma County California so I'm very familiar with earthquakes and I knew immediately what it was.  I waited during the shaking to see if it worsened before waking the kids and getting in the doorways for cover.  People ought to know what to do in case of another quake...take cover under tables, desks, or stand in doorways. -- Rebecca, Delhi

We live in a mobile home park in Amelia. About 5:35AM this morning my husband and I woke at the same time and he was asking what is that. I kinda laughed and said it is a earthquake. The whole place was shaking. We have a grandfather clock and it was just shaking and dinging. It shook hard enough that the whole place was shaking. Like someone was running really fast up and down the hallway. -- Charlotte, Amelia

I was sitting in my garage (smoking) this morning when this weird sensation of "pressure" began all around me; the inside door seemed to have someone pushing against it and the ladders on the walls began rattling.  I thought to myself, "Wow, there must be a huge gust of wind to cause this".  I have NEVER heard the ladders rattle! I went back in the house and looked out the window and noticed there wasn't any wind!  Hmmmmm. When my husband got up I told him we either had a small earthquake or I was losing my mind this morning!  Shortly thereafter he turned on Fox 19 news and there you were talking about the "earthquake".   At least I know now I WASN'T losing my mind! -- Jeannie, Fairfield

I also experienced the earthquake this morning. I had just woke up and was still lying in bed when the picture frame on my night stand started rattling and I felt my entire bed shake. It seemed to last for quite a while. After it was over, I just kind of laid there wondering if it was possible to experience something like that twice in your life when you have lived in the midwest all your life?! I recall when I was a young girl growing up in Geneva, morning feeling the exact same thing (although not quite as intense) it woke me. I then walked downstairs and asked my mom if she had come up to my room and shook my bed to wake me. She just looked at me like I was crazy. :) However, I was not, I found out later that day that it too was the remnent of a small earthquake here in the midwest. I can't remember for sure, but it was either the late 80's or early 90's when that occured. -- Alyssa, Mason

I live in batavia, and I have 3 pet birds, they were thrashing around at the time of the quake. I didnt know what was going on as they ususally don't thrash around in the morning. They woke me up. -- Herb and Sharon, Batavia

I heard a loud rumbling noise and I thought we were having a bad storm. Then my bed started shaking and I felt like someone was shaking me. I sleep in a water bed so the moving water certainly surprised me. My headboard contains shelves and things were moving around. I have a little statue of a red bird on the shelf and it completely turned backwards. Once the shaking stopped, I knew we had a earthquake. I think we all should thank God it wasn't a devastating one which we sometimes see in other parts of the world. -- Barb, Bright

I live in Trenton, Ohio.  I was asleep in bed when I felt the earthquake.  Actually, I thought I was dreaming until I got up and watched the news a little while later!  What a surprise!! --Deanna, Trenton

I am in Cleves on Cleves Ave. I was sleeping during the quake but I did feel the aftershock and it seemed as if a couple of  large trucks were passing by the house, I wasn't even sure if that is what it was. I had to check your site to see if I was imagining it. I don't think I was really scared, I was a little excited because I have never felt one before but at the same time I began praying that no one was hurt or no real damage. -- Susan, Cleves