Police Look For Bandit Who Stole Lottery Tickets From Gas Station

Sara Gouedy
Sara Gouedy

(FORT MITCHELL, KY) -- The search is on for a bandit Fort Mitchell Police say robbed a store of it's lottery tickets, and is now cashing them all over the Tri-state.

Police say the guy robbed the BP gas station on Buttermilk Pike in Fort Mitchell late Wednesday night, when only the clerk was inside.

Now, they say he's cashing winning lotto tickets all over northern Kentucky.

The suspect was wearing an orange "State Prison" hooded sweatshirt. Detectives say surveillance tape caught the crime.

"He definitely saw that her attention was away from the counter and made his move," said Tim Berwanger with Fort Mitchell Police.

Police say that move involved taking an entire rack of lottery tickets right off the counter, while the clerk counted cigarettes just steps away.

"Face value I would say it's around $3,000, is a good estimate," said Berwanger.

The video shows the clerk running out the door behind the thief. Detective Berwanger says she and the man go into a fight in the parking lot.

"She injured her chest she had a bruise there, and in the fall she sustained a bruise to her left leg," said Berwanger.

Since the man got away with the tickets, Berwanger says he's been cashing in while his luck's hot, hitting up about four gas stations in Hebron, Ky. with the stolen tickets.

None of those store managers would go on camera, but all said they want this man caught. Police do, too.

"Very few people that I know would want to wear something that says State Prison on it, so it's going to be sticking out, and someone might take note of it," said Berwanger.

Fort Mitchell police say they know this guy is their man for another reason. Each lottery ticket sold can be tracked by the state, and all the ones this guy has cashed come right back here, to the Buttermilk Pike BP

Police say if you know who this guy is, call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.

FOX19.com: Sara Gouedy