Local teen arrested for bringing unloaded to school

(COVINGTON, KY) -- A local school is back to normal, after a student with a gun triggered a lock down just before Monday's final bell.

It happened at Holmes High School, where police found a weapon and arrested a teen.

Now cops and the boy's parents want to know what he planned to do with that gun.

Two neighbors called police Monday afternoon saying they thought they saw a student with a gun outside the school.

Police alerted the school, and the building was locked down.

Because authorities had a good description of the student, police quickly located him in his choir class. That's where they also found a gun.

"We found a 380 auatomatic in a choir room. You know this is bad news. This is not a good thing. It makes me furious," said Bill Weathers with Covington Independent Schools.

"The weapon was unloaded which really doesn't make a difference but in a broader spectrum it kinda does and we were thankful for that," said Lt. Spike Jones with Covington Police. "The school was locked down and that prevented maybe a situation that was resolved safely into turning into something else."

The school delayed dismissal for 20 minutes while the school resource officer and Covington Police took a 16-year-old junior into custody.

The student's aunt has her own theory why her nephew had the gun - protection. She says he was shot in November not very far from here.

"We're gonna try and figure this out. We are," said Ramona Crim, the student's aunt.

Family members say the boy's in the choir, ran track and made good grades - more reasons why they just don't understand what happened.

"I was surprised. Very surprised because I don't never know my sister even had a gun. Or our family - we don't have guns," said Crim. "He's never had any trouble. Good student. Good kid."

The student's in juvenile detention. He's charged with possession of a handgun on school property.

A lot of questions remain about what happened. Investigators hope further interviews with the student will give them answers.

FOX19.com: Francene Cucinello