Pharmacy employee arrested for drug trafficking

Shannon Freymuth / Courtesy Butler County Sheriff's Office
Shannon Freymuth / Courtesy Butler County Sheriff's Office

(WEST CHESTER, OH) -- The Butler County sheriff's office has announced the arrest of a Pharmacy employee on drug trafficking charges.

Drug agents executed a search warrant Tuesday night at the residence of Shannon Freymuth, 29, of West Chester. Freymuth is an employee at ValueCare Pharmacy, a pharmacy distribution company.

During the search, agents found a briefcase holding two gallon-size freezer storage bags containing more than 300 Lortab and Lorcet pills, $1,200 in cash and a notebook ledger.

Agents are investigating whether the pills were stolen from Freymuth's employer.

She is charged with trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs. Her residence is also in close proximity to a school, which adds to the severity of the charges.

Freymuth is being held in the Butler County Jail.