Rising Gas Prices Have Drivers Taking Desperate Measures

Gushing gas prices have some drivers taking desperate measures. And with the price expected to go higher in the coming weeks, people are raiding the gold mines in their homes to pay these prices.

These days, American Trading Company's a place to strike it rich. Just ask Dustin Lattrell.

"The economy is definitely in trouble right now, and people are selling stuff that they normally wouldn't sell," Lattrell said.

Dustin says that more and more of his customers say they're using the money to buy gasoline, since Dustin's store will buy back old gold, coins and jewelry.

He says with gold at record prices, some people will try to trade anything.

"The gold teeth--you'll have people pull it right out of their mouth and say what can I get for this," said Lattrell.

At least some at the pump say selling family heirlooms to pay high gasoline costs says a lot about what's happening to our country.

"They should take the gas down, the prices down, gas is way to high," said Williams Charles.

"People are going to work and their dollars just not, the money they earn's just not meeting their needs," added Cheryl Mack.

Back at American Trading Company, Dustin sees the desperation that comes from that every day.

"It's really heartbreaking, especially when you see people that have stuff that they think is worth a whole lot, and it's actually not," he said.

Dustin says it's not just gold jewelry that people are selling, they're also turning in silver.

And he says many of them are telling him as they make the sale just how much they need the money.

FOX19.com: Sara Gouedy