Mammography Workers Become Survivors

As a mammogram technician at Proscan Women's Center, Betty Marshall works with women at risk for breast cancer. She also owns a family history of the disease, but neither lessened the shock of learning she developed breast cancer just days before her 33rd birthday. She survived, finding inspiration at home and at the office.

"I see a lot of people who come back for their six-month follow up. They have a positive outlook and don't let it overcome their life. I feed off of that," said Marsha. "You see them every day, and you're an example. They see you go on with life and think, if she can do it, I can."

One co-worker, herself a 12-year survivor, recognizes life's blessings by volunteering for the Relay for Life.

"A lot of facilities helped me through a difficult time," claimed Chris Estell. "So I can give back."

Together, the women race for a cure. Last year, Marshall came in fourth place in the survivor's category. Come May 17, she expects to finish in the top three.

Every year, more than 190,000 women will develop breast cancer. FOX19 and Ethicon Endo-Surgery join committed to early detection of the disease for many reasons, most importantly because it has saved our own loved ones.