1-on-1 with 'House' star Hugh Laurie

"House" returned to FOX19 on Monday night with the first of a series of all new episodes.

FOX19's Steve Oldfield caught up with the show's star, Hugh Laurie, in Hollywood.

When Hugh Laurie's in the house, you're not at all intimidated like you easily could be around his character Dr. House.

Hugh's a polite and friendly guy. Long before his show on Fox, he played the Dad in Stuart Little.

These days, his role as a much tougher doctor's getting him other parts as smart alecks, like as an internal affairs cop in Street Kings. His first scene: in a hospital!

"The first take we did, I got up and was walking away from the camera and I realized that I was limping. And I thought, 'this is doing it to me. I'm in a hospital setting there's a camera on me I can't not limp. This limp is here to stay,'" said Laurie.

He got rid of the limp and as usual, the English accent, impressing his costars who are big fans - Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker.

"He's an interesting and good actor. You forget that he's got a British accent. His accent and there's a certain way about him," said Whitaker.

"I like House. He's great in it. And to work with him, he's a lovely guy," added Reeves.

Hugh has a lot of respect for House but if he were friends with the character, he'd tell House to think more before he speaks.

"House is a sort of compulsive truth teller. He just sort of blurts out things like Tourettes (syndrome). He always blurts out the truth as he sees it," said Laurie.

You could say House is like another big star on Fox: Simon Cowell. So what would the doctor think of the judge on American Idol?

"There's a man who doesn't need curing. He's a picture of rude health, and when I say rude health, that is actually what I mean," said Laurie.

So, is Laurie a good patient or bad patient in real life?

"I'm a very good patient. I have a lot of time for doctors. I rather worship doctors. My dad was a doctor. I grew up thinking doctors were (great) so whatever they decide is fine by me," he said.

There will be three more original episodes of House this season and the show, with Hugh as the lead, has been renewed for next season.

FOX19.com: Steve Oldfield