What's the home kitchen of Chef Jean Robert de Cavel like?

Jean Robert de Cavel is recognized in Cincinnati, and around the world, as our premier chef.

You may have wined and dined at one of his five restaurants, but you've probably never seen his kitchen at home.

FOX19's Meghan Mongillo gives you his personal cooking secrets.

He's usually running the kitchen at the four-star restaurant Pigalls.

But Sunday and Monday night, Jean Robert cooks for his two favorite eaters - his wife, Annette, and 4-year-old daughter, Laeticia.

"I think people have perception that chefs cook a lot interesting things at home, not the truth you know," says Jean Robert.

The De Cavels don't own a barbeque and usually eat fish. Salmon is on the menu tonight along with fresh vegetables and herbs.

"The cooking part is taken care of by Jean Robert. I do things like pull cilantro," says Annette.

He and Annette admit before they were parents, they never ate at home, but now it's important to cook a meal as a family.

And Laeticia is a big help to Papa.

"She enjoys helping me," says Jean Robert.

Jean Robert doesn't follow a recipe and works fast. He had four pans going at once.

"One thing to get the best flavor of vegetables don't blanch anyone of them, even asparagus. So tender because they are small, so cook slowly with everything inside get the best flavor," he says.

Jean robert also suggests cleaning mushrooms and herbs with lukewarm water. He says his ingredients are fairly simple, but he does mix in unusual spices, like a wine-soaked salt from france.

You might be surprised to learn Jean Robert's favorite utensil is not a knife, but a rubber spatula.

"I think it's important because it's easiest one to scrape," he says.

When the cooking's complete, the De Cavels sit down to the table. Every dish is fresh and colorful, like something you'd find at a restaurant. By the way, he did it all in under 30 minutes..

FOX19.com: Meghan Mongillo