Looking for love on Craigslist?

Ever wanted to strike up a conversation with someone, but didn't, and then regretted it?

It's happened to a lot of people. Now, people are using Craigslist, to try and re-connect a "missed connection."

Log onto craiglist.com these days, and you'll find anything.

Even something like, "We passed each other in the parking lot at the Milford Kroger. I looked back and saw you looking at me too."

Or, "I always see you in Amelia. I know I'm too old for you."

Those are posting from Craigslist 'missed connections.'

People post there from all over the Tri-State, hoping to make a connection with the one that got away.

There are "missed connections" at Great American Ball Park, the Hyde Park Kroger, at Chipotle.

Really everywhere, even at people's offices. On this part of Craigslist, people are trying to contact those they want to meet, but can't find the courage to talk to.

"Sometimes you regret stuff, and if you can find them, more power to you," says Craigslist user Adam Gregory, who adds that it's pretty hard to be single in Cincinnati.

Gregory says he gets it. Cincinnati's sometimes tough for the young and single.  He didn't need Craigslist the day we caught up with him at Mainstrasse, but his friend, Courtney Powell, told us she might check it out.

"It does of kind of make me want to go see if somebody's on there that's looking for me. I'll have to do that now, after I eat lunch," she said.

But is Craigslist the right place to go?

This group of friends say, 'no way!'

"I think it's a little creepy because you're sending a message on Craiglist and everybody can see what you're up too, and you never know if you're going to get to that person," said Winston Chan.

He might have a good point. Since the site's open and free for posting, relationship counselor Roger Gerwe says the unknown might be something to consider when looking at the messages.

"I think people think that they know people on the Internet, and a lot of it is around how we see them, and we have to create images," he said.

Internet or not, he offers this old advice about communication: "I would say to those people, take the risk! I met my wife on a one time, risk kind of thing., and I wouldn't have been there more than once. Take a risk!"

A risk in the new age of online dating.

FOX19.com: Sara Gouedy