One-on-one with Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker recently sat down to a one-on-one interview with FOX19's Meghan Mongillo
Sarah Jessica Parker recently sat down to a one-on-one interview with FOX19's Meghan Mongillo

(CINCINNATI) -- In the new Sex in the City movie hitting theaters this month, Sarah Jessica Parker plays the sophisticated Carrie Bradshaw.

But during a one-on-one interview with the star, FOX19's Meghan Mongillo found that the girl who spend part of her childhood in Cincinnati is more down to earth than you might think.

Hollywood hit Kenwood as fans lined up to get a glimpse of Sarah Jessica Parker.

She was in town recently to promote her perfume, 'Lovely. '

When we sat down to chat, she'd already had her fill of Cincinnati treats.

"We land, we go to Skyline, if Graeters is open, we walk down the street and go there, then walk it off, go back to Skyline and then to the hotel," Sarah Jessica said.

From the time she was 4 until she turned 12, Sarah Jessica lived in Clifton. Both her parents were born and raised there, too.

She still has friends and some cousins here, but no immediate family.

"We use to see my grandmother and uncle here, but they passed away. But I still feel a strong connection to the city," she said.

The building that Sarah Jessica went to school in is no longer here and now a new elementary school called Fairview is being built.

Who knows, maybe a future star will grace the hallways once again.

"Culturally this was an influential place to grow up, with the Cincinnati Ballet and the Philharmonic, so many memories like the Cincinnati Museum Center," Sarah Jessica said.

She says has so many great memories here, but for now can only visit when her schedule opens up.

"My eldest brother Pippen, maybe someone remembers him from Walnut Hills, he had his first baby. We are really entrenched in New York City but I think when I come home to Cincinnati I'm always envious of the people who live here, they have a good life," Sarah Jessica said.

The life of Carrie Bradshaw is what Sarah Jessica fans are focused on now. So will she and Mr. Big get married? All Sarah Jessica would only say is you'll just have to wait and see.

The Sex and the City movie opens nationwide on May 30. Meghan Mongillo