Grief counselors at East Central High School

(ST. LEON, IN) -- Grief counselors will be on had at East Central High School on Monday to help students cope with the loss of two classmates over the weekend.

Stephanie Gould, 16, and Rachel Meece, also 16, were killed late Friday night when the car they were riding in went left of center and was t-boned.

The accident happened near the intersection of Lawrenceburg and Brook Roads.

Police say Tara Fricker, 16, was driving north on Lawrenceburg Road when she lost control and was hit by Donald Scothorn, 38.

Gould and Meece were passengers in Fricker's car.

Scothorn was treated at the scene of the accident. Fricker was taken to University Hospital, but is expected to be OK.

Police say alcohol and drugs were not a factor and everyone was wearing safety belts.