9-year-old accidentally shoots self at daycare

(LINCOLN HEIGHTS, OH) -- Police are investigating an incident where a 9-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in the leg at a daycare.

According to police the boy found the .22 revolver in the driveway of Kings Kids Daycare in the 1100 block of Van Buren Ave.  The boy, who is the son of the daycare provider, will recover from his wounds.

The boy thought the gun was a toy, but police say there's a great possibility it was used to commit a crime.

Mary Hyde has lived on Van Buren for 42 years. She spends a lot of time on her front porch.

"When I first moved here it was really nice, now it done got a little rowdy," she says.

On Monday afternoon, Hyde heard what she thought was a firecracker, only to find out her neighbor's son had accidentally shot himself in the leg with a gun he found in the driveway of his mom's daycare.

"They'll run through anybody's yard to get away from the police, they got something on 'em, they'll throw it," Hyde says.

Hyde says that when the police show up, everyone on the street scatters with zero regard for the fact that little children spend their days at this daycare...

Police call this area of Van Buren a 'hot spot' for crime.

"Sometimes we find guns located in places where they hang out the sell dope just so they can have it ready at hand if they need it for any reason," says Lincoln Heights police chief DeAngelo Sumler.

This time, the .22-caliber revolver ended up in a 9-year-old's hands.

"They need help out here - the crime, the people, it's like they need something to do out here," says Dermidra Hyde, another neighbor.

Police are now working to see if they can figure out who the gun belonged to in the first place, to hold them responsible.

FOX19.com: Corey McConnell