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Employment Expo Tips

Employment Expo Tips

Clarify Your Goals

Clarify your goals. What do you hope to get out of the job fair-internships, practicum, experience, summer job, full-time employment or company information? Are your expectations consistent with the purpose of the event?

Review the List of Employers

Review the list of employers attending. Identify those that are looking for candidates with your qualifications or organizations of interest to you regardless of the positions listed. Do some research to find out some basic information about those organizations and their hiring needs.

Prepare a Commercial

Prepare a 20-30 second "commercial." This will help you to introduce yourself and express why you are interested in the organization or field. It should briefly relates your background to what you know about the employer's current or potential needs.

Practice Commercial

Practice your "commercial." Prepare about three or four questions to ask.

Dress Professionally

Dress professionally. Good grooming is essential. First impressions are extremely important, so think about your appearance.

Resume Copies

Bring 20 to 30 copies of your resume. You don't want to run out! Bring pen and paper to take notes.

During the Event

Take 10 minutes at the door to review the list of attending companies. Highlight those organizations of interest to you so you can organize your time efficiently.

When approaching organizations, show interest and enthusiasm. Make direct eye contact and shake hands firmly. Have a positive greeting: "Hello, I'm Susan Jones. I'm a psychology major and will graduate in May. I'm interested in talking to you about ______ (internships, full-time positions, summer employment, etc.")

Answer questions clearly and concisely.

Ask appropriate questions. (For example, don't ask about salary or what the company does if it is in the published information.)

Ask if they are accepting resumes. Ask for a business card (you'll want to follow up on interesting leads). Thank them for their time. Pick up company recruiting information too, not just the give-away's.

Follow Up

Since you have business cards and company information, you can write individualized follow-up letters (include resumes) to appropriate employers, expressing your interest.

Information adapted from Xavier University Career Services Center

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