Teacher accused of making kid unstop toilet with his hands

ST. GABRIEL, LA (WAFB) - Just one year after joining the Iberville Parish school system, an elementary teacher may be out of a job for a reason that could turn your stomach. 46-year-old Julie Landry was arrested Monday. She's accused of cruelty to a juvenile.  WAFB talked with the parents and student who are making that serious charge.

Seven-year-old Trevor Williams says he used the restroom at school, but used too much toilet paper and stopped up the toilet. Trevor's mother says what the teacher made him do to unstop it is not only disgusting, but unimaginable.

"Trevor, you go up in there and you unplug it. Then, told him next time, if you do it again, she gonna make him pull it out with his teeth," says Alfrieda Williams, the victim's mother.

Williams is very upset. She says last Wednesday at East Iberville Elementary, where her son goes to school, the unthinkable happened.

"I made the toilet overflow with toilet paper and poo," Trevor says.

The seven-year-old says his first grade teacher made him unstop the bathroom toilet at the school with his bare hands.

An affidavit we obtained states that Trevor's teacher, Julie Landry, intentionally forced the child to place his hand in a toilet containing human feces and urine. However, that's not where the embarrassment ends.

"S--sssy (pronounced Essy) hands. Here comes sssy hands," says Michael Williams, Trevor's father.

He says that's what the kids called his son the next day.

Because of the incident, St. Gabriel police are charging Landry with cruelty to a juvenile. Police arrested her Monday morning and she was booked into Iberville Parish Prison in the afternoon. A short time later, her parents posted her bond. Neither she nor her parents had anything to say. Landry and her mother both tried to hide their faces from our camera.

Landry is what's called a teacher practitioner, which is part of an alternative teaching program. Her future is being discussed at Monday night's school board meeting in Iberville. The Iberville superintendent says Landry will likely be suspended with pay until they complete their investigation. However, at least one board member wants to terminate her. We'll let you know what happens.

Report: WAFB, Baton Rouge