Case of mistaken identity leads to wrong man being buried in grave

It's a case of mistaken identity and mistaken cemetery plots.

A local man has just learned someone else is resting in peace next to his mother, a place he'd already decided to spend eternity when the time came.

This is where David L. Bingham, Sr. is buried, but the David L. Bingham who owns that plot is very much alive.

A notice in the paper that Crown Hill Memorial Park had changed ownership caught Bingham's eye and he called to check on his cemetary plot.

"I told 'em my name and she said, 'we've got you listed as deceased since 2006,'" he said.

And then, imagine his surprise when he learned that the plot he'd reserved next to his mother, Evelyn, was already occupied.

"We were going to be buried next to each other and I used to kid I was going to put a pipe between so I could still talk to her," he said.

The cemetery's ownership, Stonemor Partners, admits that it was a clerical error and they want to correct it. They've offered to get David Bingham a new plot in the cemetery, or even ask the family of David L Bingham, Sr. if they can relocate his casket.

"What they call a mistake, I call gross negligence," said Bingham.

Bingham says none of the options offered by the cemetery owners are acceptable to him and he no longer wants to be buried here.

"It's like a used grave now to me and I just wouldn't feel comfortable," he said.

The attorney for David Bingham says he's filed a complaint with the Ohio Cemetery Dispute Resolution Commission, and they hope to resolve this situation through mediation. Corey McConnell