Local business turns to Smart Cars to save on gas

(HEBRON, KY) -- With no plan for energy independence, no strong dollar, no weakening in world demand and no foreseeable drop in gas prices, a local business has decided to get 'Smart.'

It's three feet shorter and 700 pounds lighter than a Mini Cooper. It's roughly the size of a golf cart, and if you've seen on the road, it's so small, you can't miss it.

For Nor Com in Hebron, Smart Cars are the answer to their gas woes.

"Something that would get a project manager from point A to point B, being the most cost effective way of getting him there we came across the smart car," said Chris Van Meter, who works for Nor Com and also owns a Smart Car.

The audio visual systems company was spending roughly a $1,000 a month in some of their older vehicles.

So the Smart Car's 8.7 gallon tank that gets forty plus miles to the gallon sounds almost too good to be true. They're planning on 70 percent savings thanks to the newest, smallest thing on four wheels.

"Businesses are going to have to look at saving and cutting cost and this is one of our ways of savings and cutting costs," said Van Meter.

But if you think the Smart Car might be a perfect fit for you, better get your name on the list now. It could be a year and a half before you're parking it in the driveway.

Right now, there are no local dealers, but Smart Cars are sold in Columbus, Indianapolis and Louisville. A dealer is coming to Cincinnati in August.

FOX19.com: Corey McConnell