S. Carolina middle schoolers accused of having sex during school field trip

NEWBERRY, SC (WIS) - Several Mid-Carolina Middle School students have admitted they had sex on a school sponsored field trip.
Now another parent is speaking out about what she calls unfair punishment.

On Tuesday we told you about one parent who wanted to know where the chaperones were and what they were doing while the children were having sex. Those are questions we asked the Newberry School Superintendent.

Seventy middle schoolers and 20 chaperones went to the nation's capital for what was supposed to be an educational trip.

Eight of the students have been expelled for having sex on the trip.

A fifth-grader who was expelled says the chaperones were asleep when the five girls came to the room he shared with four other boys.

"They said they were going to check our room two times. They checked it the first time and they said they'd be back by 12 something and they didn't check," the boy says.

His mother admits her son's actions were wrong, but doesn't agree with the punishment.

"They could have just gave them five days and let them come back, but they're going to take them out for the rest of the school year. It wasn't fair," says the mother.

Newberry County School Superintendent Bennie Bennett can't talk specifically about the students' punishment in this case.

"I know our administration feels like we've had enough information to make some decisions, but this will be something that we research for awhile," says Bennett.

Bennett says students are to follow the same code of conduct whether on school property or on a field trip.

"Things do happen - not condoning those things by any stretch of the imagination, but we know that they do happen," Bennett said.

Bennett says volunteers are subject to the same rules as school employees. As for punishment if they are suspected of doing something wrong?

"It would be an investigation done at that particular time and through our HR department we would determine what would be an appropriate punishment," Bennett told WIS News 10.

The superintendent says the investigation into what happened in Washington is not over. Despite his mistake, the student we talked to wants to go back to school.

"I feel like I should have one more chance to come back to school," he said.

Bennett told us while parents are speaking out about their concerns, none of them have talked to him.
The mother we talked to says she does plan to have a meeting with the superintendent soon.

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