Cincinnati Mills bigg's closing its doors

(FOREST PARK, OH) -- bigg's says it will soon close what was once one of the area's most visible locations.

The Cincinnati Mills store will close in late June.

It's hard for a lot of people in Forest Park, Sharonville Fairfield to imagine a Cincinnati Mills without the bigg's.

But the mall will soon be without a store that's been here since 1988.

Tim Duffie found out about the bigg's closing as he cleaned his fishing tools. For him, it was no surprise.

"We've been a little nervous for more than twenty years that whole place could empty, let alone just bigg's," Duffie said.

He says he's often wondered how the bigg's stayed open as the suburbs grew around it, brining in competition.

"All the sudden on the other side of the street you have Meijer, and on the other side of 275, you've got Wal-Mart, and they're all going after the same market. I would say of the three, bigg's has the biggest disadvantage because they're less convenient. How many super stores can you have in a one mile radius, really?" said Duffie.

That may have been part of the problem for bigg's.

The company says it converted the Cincinnati Mills store into an outlet, but the store didn't perform.

Executives released this statement: "bigg's worked diligently to create an environment at the store that would meet consumer needs, as well the company's business objectives. Unfortunately, the bigg's operation in Cincinnati Mills did not fit the company's business plans for the future."

"It's been changing since it became a warehouse, and so they've been taking in all the that the other stores aren't able to sell. So it has a different atmosphere," said shopper Suzan Stracke.

Stracke says she shopped at the bigg's for the last time this week.

"At this point we're losing most of the food items so it's just hard to find what you need," she said.

Now she'll shop at a different grocery store for the first time in 20 years.

bigg's says's it's offered many workers at the Cincinnati Mills store a chance for other jobs within the company. Sara Gouedy