Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana Police Raid Massage Parlors

(CINCINNATI) -- Police departments in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana raided massage parlors Tuesday afternoon on claims that prostitutes were working at the businesses.

In a release from the Boone County Sheriff's Office, police say that federal search warrants were issued on business in Northern Kentucky, Hamilton County, Ohio, and Southwest Indiana with arrest warrants on the employees of the business.

The warrants claim that after a year long investigation that the massage palors were actually fronts for brothels.

"Basically these massage parlors were being used to promote prostitution. The other charges involve the fact that how they used the money and proceeds involved in not paying their taxes and not paying their sales tax and those types of issues," said Aaron Negangard with the U.S. Attorney's Office.

The agencies which investigated the businesses include the US Postal Inspector, IRS, US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Kentucky, Southern District of Ohio, and the Souther District of Indiana, ICE, Dearborn County, Indiana Prosecutor's Office, KSP and Boone County Sheriff's Office.