Local couple back from Myanmar following deadly cyclone

Photo courtesy Todd and Meghan Davis
Photo courtesy Todd and Meghan Davis

It's been nearly three weeks since a deadly cyclone hit Myanmar, killing at least 78,000 people.

A few Americans have been living there, including two local teachers, who recently returned home and shared their story with FOX19.

When the worst part of the cyclone hit, Todd Davis and his wife, Meghan, captured video from their apartment window in the city of Yangon.

As bad at it looked, the couple says they've seen worse in the hardest hit delta region.

"They had no protection, they had no warning, no evacuation, they are already talking about people who are malnourished, like they don't have a lot of food," said Meghan.

The two normally work as teachers in an international school in Myanmar, but say their roles changed after the storm.

The Davis' partnered with other teachers to get help to the people in the delta.

"The Myanmar people, they're getting together and they're not wealthy or well off, and the ones who have a little bit of money, they're buying the rice their buying the food and they're getting it to their people on their own. And, that's how it's happening that's how the rescue efforts been going so far with the big NGO's being blocked out by the government," said Todd.

Todd says that's the heartbreaking part of the devastation.

"You've got to think, you know, we're just getting to the edge of it, there are so many people that have not been reached yet by any relief worker," said Todd.

"It'll be interesting to see what happens for the country as a result of this. It could be really big moment in their history. I don't know," said Meghan.

Todd and Meghan say they'll go back this August, when the school year starts.