SC boaters rescued by luxury liner...then taken to Bermuda

(CHARLESTON, SC) --   Taking on water and time running out, a miracle mayday is answered by an off-shore by a luxury liner.

And not only were some men saved at sea, but also they were whisked away to beautiful Bermuda.

Kathy and Bill Narowski knew nothing of their son Allan's ordeal until he was safely aboard the Norwegian cruise liner "The Majesty."

"To us its a very enjoyable sort of funny story but I am very glad we didn't know about it until all the danger was over," said Kathy Narowski.

Allan, along with three other men, were picked up by the cruise ship 30 miles off shore after a storm flooded their boat.

The four men headed out into open water through the Wapoo cut early Saturday morning in their 24 foot boat. The plan was to catch some big fish and come back in. Certainly none of them thought they'd end up on a cruise ship on their way to Bermuda.

"I've heard they have been treated very well, they are eating good food and having adult beverages and were given state rooms and were having there clothes laundered for them and given robes to wear in the interim," said Narowski.

And the Narowski's know all about  the service on the Majesty. ironically enough the family, including Allan, took a cruise on that very ship in 2004.

"He will be able to escort this 3 friends and be very familiar about where everything is," said Bill Narowski.

The Narowski's laugh at their sons good fortune but know things could have been different were it not for a  consciousness captain.

"I think it is admirable that he responded to the MayDay and he did interrupt his voyage, he turned around and pulled up and rescued them. Hats off... thank you captain," said Narowski.

The four men got  to spend the night in Bermuda. They took a flight back to the U.S. on Monday.

A Charleston-based boating group is planning to give up their flying miles to pay for the return trip.

Report: WCSC, Charleston