Community hopes to resurrect St. George Church

(CLIFTON, OH) -- They've been a heart-wrenching sight in Clifton.

The historic twin spires of old St. George Church in Clifton burned earlier this year.

But now that landmark may be resurrected.

Not much has changed since that devasting fire in the twin steeples. At a meeting Wednesday night, those who want to save the church for the community laid out several ideas to keep St. George alive.

"I don't want to see an architectural treasure torn down," says Julie Murray

Murray says she's worried that will happen because even before fire tore through St. George's steeples in February, the old bulidng had stuggled to find a place in an ever changing uptown community.

It's why Julie and about 50 other people came together at this meeting to discuss how the building fits into the future.

"My first desire would be that it be an arts center--could be performing arts," says Murray.

But Clifton Heights Community Urban Redevelopment corporation spokesman Matt Bourgeois knows any kind of rebuliding will take a lot of money, and a lot of foresight.

His group had already been working on the building before the fire started.

"It's not like you can stick just anybody in that building and expect it work. It's going to take somebody who cares about it in a very unique way, with a unique use," says Bourgeois.

Something people like Julie Murray hope will be found soon.

"Now the question is, and it's wonderful that there is this much interest, what will be the best use of such a treasure?" she says. Sara Gouedy