Prosecutor wants no parole for cop killer

(CINCINNATI) -- It's been nearly 30 years since Cincinnati Police Officer Charles Burdsall stepped out of his patrol car on a traffic stop, only to be shot three times.

Russell Bell was convicted of the murder, and he was sentenced to death. That sentence was commuted to life in prison when Ohio stopped using the death penalty, and at that time the longest life sentence available was only 20 years to life.

That puts Russell Bell up for parole on June 10, and it puts city officials up in arms. On Friday, a group of Burdsall's fellow police officers, members of his family and Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters stepped forward to ask the public for help in keeping this killer in jail.

The prosecutor said the most important factor in keeping Bell from being released is public outrage. People who would like to voice their opposition to Bell's release are encouraged to write the parole board, or visit this link.