UPDATE: Colerain Police Chief defends decision to taser man trying to help accident victim

David See
David See



The Colerain Township police chief is defending his department.

Chief Dan Meloy says that at first, the brothers were being Good Samaritans, but then the tables turned and both ended up under arrest.

"Facts and circumstances led to it escalating to a point that we have what we're dealing with today and that two gentlemen arrested that had every intention to be Good Samaritans and I understand they were to a point," said Meloy.

But the chief says when David See ignored officers repeated warnings, he was tased.

He adds that in the last 3 years, his department has had fifty incidents where they've had to respond with force out of more than 100,000 runs.


Two local brothers looking to help out after a deadly crash end up getting arrested and tasered in their own front yard.

The crash happened early Saturday morning at the intersection of Stadia and Deschler drives in Colerain Township. The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office says Ernest Handy and Charles Pierson were heading south on Deschler Drive when Handy ran a stop sign and hit an SUV. The SUV rolled over, injuring the driver, Richard Flowers.  Handy and Pierson were pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the SUV is still in the hospital, but that's only the beginning of the story.

FOX19 spoke with David and Herman See, the brothers who were arrested for being what they thought were Good Samaritans.

Since word got out about their arrests, other people have come to their defense, even the relatives of the crash victims.

David and Herman ran outside early Saturday morning the moment they heard an explosion.

They found the wreckage of a motorcycle and an SUV on fire and the driver of the SUV trapped.

"It was horrible," said David See.

The See brothers and another neighbor helped the driver, then police arrived and asked the Good Samaritans to move away.

"I came over here, my brother went in the house, I walked toward the door, they told me to freeze, I froze. I got in position, they tased me. For what?" said David.

Colerain Township police say they gave See plenty of warning, saying in the police report, "I ordered him no fewer than six times to get on the ground, I heard a female voice yell not to tase him. He told me no, he was not getting on the ground and refused to comply with my commands."

The See brothers say they're still having a hard time. Herman See, who was also arrested, but not tased, even collapsed while FOX19 was interviewing residents.

Other people, including relatives of the accident victims, are now coming to the See brothers' defense.

"The heroics of going through what they saw and pulling him out. I just came to say thanks. They went above and beyond, so I just came to say thanks," said Michael Driggers, cousin of the SUV driver.

"I feel that they were trying to help. No reason to be tased, no reason," said Bruce Wissel, whose stepson died in the crash.

David and Herman See were charged with misconduct at an emergency, and David also was charged with obstructing official business and resisting arrest.

They say they want the charges dropped. They also ask for prayers for the SUV driver, Rick Flowers, who remains in critical condition.

FOX19.com: Jill Eichorn