Developer has sights set on popular West Side landmark

(WESTERN HILLS, OH) -- A West Side landmark could be no more by the end of the year.

A developer has its eye on Western Bowl.

It's been a fixture on the west side for 50 years.

"I'd be pretty disgusted if they closed," said one customer.

Sixty-eight lanes, 680 pins for the taking..

"I love it here. It's close to home, right around the corner," said another customer.

And that big sign when you come around the corner...

"Western Bowl been here so long it's gonna be hard not to see drive past Glenway and not see that sign," said a customer.

"I just like when I roll down the street and see those bowling lights," added another.

But a developer in Knoxville, Tennessee has it's sights set on Western Bowl. Azur US, Inc. confirmed with FOX19 that the company has an option to buy Western Bowl and they're considering it.

"I don't know where else we'd bowl. Probably a lot of people that feel that way," said another customer.

If the developer decides to exercise their option to buy, they say they'll turn these bowling lanes into a strip mall. The developer says it's an ideal location, a perfect size and a great growth opportunity for a strip mall on that side of town.

But bowlers say Western Bowl should be spared. Corey McConnell