Butler Co. police bust illegal alien prostitution ring

(HAMILTON, OH) -- The Butler County Sheriff's Office has announces the results of an investigation by his Drug and Vice Investigation Unit and Criminal Alien Team.

Recently, the Butler County Sheriff's Office received information that an illegal alien, using the name Primo, was supplying prostitutes to other illegal aliens, within Butler County. There was also information of the possible involvement of a minor in the prostitution.

The Sheriff's Office also obtained information that prostitutes were coming from New York City.

During the investigation, undercover agents requested multiple prostitutes. "Primo", later identified as Logan Carrasco-Zambrano, stated that the agents would have to go to a residence of his for multiple prostitutes.

Agents later arranged for a prostitute, Violeta Urena-Deluna, to be brought to a Hamilton hotel for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity with two men.  The arrangements were made with Carrasco-Zambrano by an undercover agent.  Carrasco-Zambrano also drove Urena-Deluna to the hotel.

On Tuesday at approximately 7 p.m., Carrasco-Zambrano and Urena-Deluna met with an undercover agent and agreed to provide sexual activity in exchange for money.  Both subjects were taken into custody and charged.

Carrasco-Zambrano would only provide his name, age, and the fact he came to the United States, illegally, 2 years ago, from Honduras.  Urena-Deluna stated she has been in the United States, illegally, for 28 years, and is originally from the Dominican Republic.  Urena-Deluna recently moved from New York City to Alabama.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office has contacted Immigration Customs Enforcement in reference to both subjects.  ICE has placed "holders" on both subjects.  Both subjects may face deportation procedures after answering for their stated charges.

Violeta Urena-Deluna, 45, is charged with 2 counts of Prostitution, Misdemeanor 3.

Logan Carrasco-Zambrano, 28, is charged with 2 counts of Promoting Prostitution, felony 4.