Second Night of Storms Cause More Damage, Flooding


Update: At 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Duke Energy is reporting just over 25,000 households without power.

The majority of those affected are in Hamilton and Clermont Counties.

Since Tuesday at 2 p.m., Duke reports that over 200,000 households have been without power.

Update: At 7 a.m. Thursday, Duke Energy is reporting nearly 40,000 customers still without power.

The utility has repair crews working 16-hour shifts.

Spokesperson Kathy Meinke says it could be Saturday afternoon before Ohio residents begin getting their power back on. Power is expected to be restored in Northern Kentucky by Thursday night.

Also, a heat alert has been declared in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for Thursday and Friday since temperatures are expected to be in the 90's.

The City of Cincinnati is using its recreation centers as cooling centers to help residents cope with the heat.

In Boone County, the rising flood waters swallowed a pick up truck.

About 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, two guys in the truck tried to drive across a small bridge surrounded by high water, but couldn't make it. So the one guy got out, made it to shore and got a tractor, while the other guy crawled onto the bed of the truck and waited. The first guy hooked a line from the tractor to the truck to try and pull it out, but it didn't work.

So the guy on the bed of the truck used the line to pull himself to dry land, leaving the truck water logged. See video of that by clicking the link on the right.


Another round of thunderstorms has moved through the tri-state leaving a trail of destruction and flooding in its wake.

At 7pm Duke Energy is reporting nearly 85,000 customers without power.

Clermont County dispatchers say a path of moderate destruction has moved thru the middle of the county.  A tree has fallen and damaged a mobile home near Goshen Township.  No injuries were reported at this incident

Numerous trees and power lines are down in the tri-state.

Reports are coming into the newsroom with trees down on Woodville Pike in Milford, Oliver Road in Wyoming,  near Section and Montgomery.

Boone County Water Rescue was called to help two people trapped in Hebron.  Both were rescued without incident.

Ohio County, Indiana is reporting about 20 homes damaged but nothing too severe.

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Original Story:

In St. Clair Township, Butler County, residents were forced from their homes by high water off West Elkton Road.  Water from Seven Mile Creek has overflowed the banks and into yards.

Once these storms pass from the area warm weather will move in and temperatures will be in the low 90's on Thursday and Friday.  Cincinnati's Health Commissioner, Dr. Noble Maseru, has declared a Heat Alert for those two days.  The predicted heat index exceeds 95 degrees both Thursday and Friday, which meet the criteria for the heat alert.

Over the next several days the Cincinnati Recreation Centers will be open during normal hours to serve as "Cool Centers" for heat relief.