Runaway garbage truck strikes car, house

(COVINGTON, KY) -- A garbage truck rolled down a hill Monday morning in Covington, damaging a car and a house.

It happened around 9 a.m. on Altamont St. in Covington.

The driver of the truck was apparently collecting trash when the truck, owned by CSI, began rolling, first striking the car and then coming to rest in the back of a house.

The homeowner, Gray Davis, says he had no idea what had happened. He had just woken up a few moments before and walked into the living room. When we came back into his bedroom, he found a part of the wall had collapsed inside the house.

Davis' daughter, Shannon Sparks, says if the truck would have hit a few seconds earlier, her father could have been seriously hurt, so she's thankful he's OK.

Neither Davis nor the others in his home were hurt. The truck driver sustained a minor injury.